Lapsiperheet Ensi- ja turvakoti Ikäihmiset Vapaaehtoistyö


Shelter Home
House of Generations
Mutkakatu 38b
33500 Tampere
tel. 03 3143 4840 (24 h)

p. 050 555 0203, 050 300 8612

Shelter Home provides shelter and professional assistance for people who suffer from or are threathened by domestic violence. Being exposed to domestic violence is often distressing and traumatising for both adults and children. We provide an opportunity to deal with experiences and feelings within a safe environment.

Our work consists of one-to-one sessions as well as taking part in different groups. Children’s needs are at the heart of our work.

Shelter Home is open to people from all municipalities. Time of residence depends on the family’s situation as well as the plan, which will be compiled together with a social worker. We work in partnership with authorities and people close to the family in question.

At night there is a skilled professional working in the Shelter Home.